A Trip to Patchino Island!

A Trip to Patchino Island!

One sunny yet cool day, the Patchino gang Music Dawg, Flash Leo, Arty Bun, Explorer Gif, Fab Kat, and Brainy Horsey, were getting ready for a fun day. These good friends packed boxes and bags full of chocolate bars, lollichocs, roundies, bonbons, chocobons, and delights with no added sugar. They even added amusing gadgets in each and carefully put some of the yummies in a specially designed paper bag or shopping bag. They then packed everything else they would need for the day trip in a magic trunk that could fit anything and never get full. They finished just in time and rushed to the port to jump onboard the boat that would take them to Patchino island that was only 20 minutes away.

Quite the little artist, Arty Bun was the official photographer for the day and he was so exciting to be taking snapshots of fun moments so he could freeze them forever. Creative and talented, he planned a wonderful painting session the moment they arrived and wowed his friends by showing them how he could change the colour of any object with the tip of his brush!

The king of sports and always number 1, Flash Leo was roaring with energy. He could run faster than the speed of light and jump higher than the sun. And this was all thanks to how hard he exercises to realize his dream of winning at the Olympics. Motivated to share his love for sports with his friends, he planned a football match in the late morning. Everyone did their best, but he was naturally on the winning team.

Beautiful, sociable, and stylish Fab Kat made sure their sweet picnic lunch was fabulous. Especially since everyone was super hungry after all the running around. The trendiest fashionista, her friends always came to her for fashion advice and today she wanted everyone to look great while they enjoyed their meal surrounded by gorgeous nature and the fresh breeze. She had a special trick up her sleeve: she could change outfits with every flip of her cape. And thanks to her, they all dined in style.

After they finished lunch, Explorer Gif took them on a quest in the great outdoors! An explorer who loves the environment and has the power to discover something new every day, her highly curious nature took them on long walk around the island. Her sense of adventure was so strong she dreamt of walking on Mars someday. But on this fine afternoon, she led them to a lovely waterfall! They all marveled at this discovery and how amazing nature can be.

This is when Brainy Horsey had a great idea since he saw his friends were captivated by the wonders of the world. A techie, puzzle lover, and mastermind who had transformed his room into a small science lab, he got some of his equipment out of the magic truck and invited his friends to do some science experiments. It was so interesting! While he knew how to find a solution for absolutely everything, today was a day just for fun, friendship, and sharing the joys of learning.  

Music Dawg, being the best party organizer, a music guru, and someone who can’t resist dancing the minute he feels the rhythm, threw a massive party in the evening! He provided great entertainment by performing live. He rocked his friends by playing all the instruments in the world and singing. He had luckily packed lighting, a disco ball, a sound system, and a dance floor in the magic trunk. He filled the night with many surprises since he could transform any sound into a music tune! 

It was a fun day to remember. They got home late at night and had the sweetest dreams. Tomorrow was a new day…and delicious experiences awaited them!

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