Patchino chocolate


Especially for kids who want more! Patchino boasts a cool choice of colourful characters with unique personalities, talents, and interests in addition to a rainbow of delicious moments and amusing experiences. It’s a super selection of chocolates that are free from additives and preservatives with the extra fun of entertaining and educational gadgets. Come out and play with Patchino’s exciting range of gift boxes and bags with great gadgets plus chocolate bars, lollichocs, roundies, bonbons, chocobons, and delights with no added sugar.
A rich palette of colours and attention to detail bloom in handmade flowers. Adornments to crown decorated chocolates combine boundless imagination with artisanal excellence. Boxes, packaging, and bags carry with them the essence of stunning design in every cut, fold, and embellishment.

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Chocolates and gadgets make the perfect gifts for kids. Celebrate your children with Patchi kids line chocolates made especially for them!

Want to bond with your munchkin and still have a delicious time? Our chocolates make the perfect gifts for kids. Perhaps it’s to tell them you love them or to congratulate them for doing well in school. But one thing is for sure, once they go Patchino they're Patchino for life.

Perfect gourmet chocolate gifts for the cutest kid in your family. Be the best parent and buy online perfect kids chocolate and funny gadgets gifts for your children assorted in colorful boxes and cute characters.