Escape from the usual and immerse yourself in an exotic Christmas experience with Patchi’s Christmas 2019 collection. Explore the origins of cocoa with a mood inspired by the precious rainforests of South and Central America. Tour a luxuriant realm with limited edition dark and milk chocolates filled with a diverse medley of flavours. Track down a wildly outstanding chocolate Christmas gift or Christmas chocolate box.


Bunnies. Delightful Colours. Decadent chocolates. An Exotic getaway… Patchi’s 2019 Easter collection is this and much more! Our Easter collection takes you on a journey to the Caribbean’s. Enjoy a sumptuous variety of chocolate eggs and bunnies. Coming in different shapes and forms. For the elder and the little ones. Our chocolate gift boxes are a beautiful expression and combination of colours and flavours that calls you for asking for more!


Perfect equilibrium. Marvellous symmetry. Enter the unique interior world of Patchi’s 2019 Ramadan collection with stunning designs and a selection of diverse Ramadan chocolate gifts and Eid chocolate gifts. Geometric shapes and patterns fuse with ancient elemental Arabesque roots and contemporary trend-setting style. It’s a balance of modern luxury, refined timelessness, and delectable chocolate flavours.


Patchi’s 2019 chocolate Valentines gifts and Valentine’s Day chocolate collection are amorous tales told one brushstroke at a time. A harmonious blend of wondrous shades transforming love into a canvas. An emotional expression of colour and form that comes from the heart. It’s a palette of experiences.

Chinese New Year

Traditions. Family time. Fireworks. Zodiac animals. Greet the Lunar New Year and enjoy The Spring Festival with the sweetest wishes. Patchi’s Chinese New Year collection blends lucky, joyous, and happy shades of red with stylish designs for new beginnings.


The first day of Spring. The first day of the year. Greet new beginnings with Patchi’s Navroz (Nowruz) chocolate gifts. The spirit of gratitude. Rejuvenation through fresh designs.


Trick or treat? Patchi’s Halloween collection is always a treat. Identifiable yet unique. A spooky make-believe experience with special edition Halloween chocolate boxes. The sweetest gourmet chocolate temptations for haunting Halloween adventures.


Light. Festivity. Goodness. Patchi’s Diwali collection glows with cheerful colours, blazing designs, and a bright choice of chocolate gifts.

Mother's Day

Because there is no one else like her, Patchi’s Mother’s Day gift ideas and chocolate gifts come from the heart. Exceptional taste and design. Matchless expressions of love for someone absolutely irreplaceable.