Patchi chocolate dessert


The Patchi experience is a sensational retail concept where you can take Patchi home and also savour the spirit at the boutique with an abundance of signature offerings. It’s the natural extension of the Patchi you love taken a step further. A melting pot of 45 years of chocolate love and experience. Here gourmet high-end desserts and drinks are made in-house by our chefs who innovate and modernize tradition using exclusive recipes, Patchi’s premium chocolate, and fresh natural ingredients. Classic and exotic flavours from across the globe such as combova and raspberry unite in sensory pleasure.

An awakening of taste, sight, sound, smell, and touch that crescendos in an immersive experience and shareable moments.

A sweet symphony of desserts that tell unique stories. Delight in signature desserts like raspberry crowned chocolate mousse Rouge et Noir and cocoa obsession Intense O Carée. Stay cool with ice creams for every mood: the raspberry pleasure of Éclat Rouge and the caramel madness of Choco Caramel. This is the taste of Patchi. And it’s made complete with lavish tableware, modern décor, trendy seating, and contemporary retail display.